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Dhaka to Athens Flights

Need a flight from Dhaka to Athens? Dhaka – Athens flights, ticket price, airways, baggage, contacts, hotels in Athens, food, about Greece and Athens and a lot more. Know everything you must know if you are planning to fly to Athens, Greece. 
About Athens, Greece
Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world with a history of over 3400 years. Athens is the capital of Greece. Greece is famous for the history of human civilization, philosophy, museums, art and culture, food. The great philosopher Plato was born in Athens.
Athens Airport:
Athens International Airport (ATH) is the largest and the busiest airport of Greece. The airport is located at, Attiki Odos, Spata Artemida 190 04, Greece. It’s 6,394 km away from Dhaka Airport. Website: https://www.airport-athens.com/ Phone: +30 21 0353 0000
Dhaka – Athens flights:
There is a number of Airways who offer flights from Dhaka to Athens and Athens to Dhaka. You can choose one-stop and multiple stop flights. You can also book one way or a round trip if you want. Athens airport is 6394 kilometres away from Dhaka airport, which may take 12 to 15 hours or more. Flight duration is different depending on different variables. Turkish Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways etc are the airlines are operating flight from Dhaka to Athens.
Dhaka (DAC) – Athens (ATH) ticket price:  
Finding a perfect flight is the primary concern for travellers. Because getting a flight that matches your schedule, expectation, and budget is difficult. And we all know how expensive it is. airticket.com.bd is here to solve that problem. With our services, you can book a flight from home at the lowest price. Contact us now. Festivals, occasions, sudden situations, demand, and many more variables cause the price of tickets to keep changing. Again, the ticket price is different, varying on airways, classes, stoppage etc. We have tried to put estimated rates of tickets below, which may be different depending on when you are reading this blog. Feel free to contact us for the latest updates of DAC – ATH ticket price. With our services, you can compare all the available option and choose the best one for you
Round Trip, Dhaka-Athens:
Turkish airlines:                      BDT98432
Qatar Airways                         BDT90637
One Way, Dhaka-Athens:
Turkish Airlines                       BDT45000
Etihad                                          BDT49059
Qatar Airways                           BDT51704


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