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Top 8 Hotels in Cox's Bazar near the beach

Are you planning on making a trip to Cox's Bazar with your family this summer? Are you looking for hotels near the beach? Don't worry, we got you! We have curated a list below some of the most amazing hotels in Cox's Bazar near the beach. We have added a wide range of hotels from decently priced 3-stars to expensive 5-star hotels! These hotels are within proximity to the beach or in a central location near all the scenic beaches. Anyways, the list contains some of the most beautiful hotels you can stay at Cox's Bazar that are sure to make your stay memorable. Below are our top 8 picks of favorite hotels in our favorite travel destination Cox's Bazar:

1. Seagull Hotel 

This is one of the closest hotels near Cox's Bazar beach. It’s a few minutes walk away through the trees to Cox’s Bazar beach. If you are looking for a hotel adjacent to the beach, this hotel is a perfect choice!  This 4-star hotel includes all sorts of amenities- swimming pools, billiards, bard, seafood grill, and gym. They are one of the oldest hotels in Cox's Bazar. You have the option to choose rooms with either bay view or hill view- both breathtakingly beautiful. They offer a range of other services too. You'll also find a lot of popular restaurants nearby that serve Cox's Bazar's scrumptious seafood! If you stay at this hotel, it's a big win with all the value you get for bucks.

2. Hotel Sea Crown 

Even a handful of 3-star hotels are excellent if you do your research right. Not all 3-star have bad rooms, rude customer service. This is why on our list next we have Hotel Sea Crown. A fantastic 3-star hotel located near marine drive road. This hotel will fit right in your budget if you are on a tight one. Hotel Sea Crown is right across the Kolatoli beach and 8 km away from the Himachori Waterfall. The room quality and service are decent for a 3-star hotel with basic amenities. The breakfast is complimentary here at their restaurant. There is also a pool and BBQ facilities available. 

3. Sayeman Beach Resort 

This oceanfront resort is one of the best that Cox's Bazar has to offer. This 4-star hotel is part of the 120 km long Cox's Bazar beach situated right at Kolatoli Beach's heart. They have an excellent rating on every hotel forum, making it the right choice for your stay. Their website boasts about its impeccable service, elegant luxury, and extraordinary comfort. If you're looking for hotels with the best oceanfront views and good customer service, Sayeman is the one for you! They offer a wide range of services, including surfing, water sports, Thai spa, dining, and magnificent event venues. Check out Sayeman if you're looking for a top-tier experience on your next trip to the longest sea-beach in the world!

4. Prime Park Hotel 

You don't have to spend a considerable sum of money that puts a hole in your pocket for a good hotel experience. The 4-stars and 5-stars don't only offer quality service. A handful of 3-star hotels are excellent with their service too. Prime Park Hotel is another 3-star hotel that is 9 minutes walk from Kolatoli Beach! Prime Park Hotel is 9 km away from the Himachori Waterfall, and they have well-furnished hotel rooms. It comes with free WiFi, smart TVs, minibars, and balconies. Some upgraded rooms include a bay view and living area if required. Plus, the extra point is- Room service is 24/7 available!

5. Hotel The Cox Today 

If you plan to stay near Cox's Bazar beach, this hotel is the perfect one for you. It's only 2 minutes walking distance away from the beach. This modern 5-star hotel is located 3 km from Cox's Bazar and 10 km from Himachori Waterfall. Their hotel rooms feature a beautiful view of the sea and the hills. This modern hotel in Cox's Bazar features world-class service. It includes a swimming pool, friendly staff, bar, and other excellent amenities. Plus, they are popular among families and couples! They also have a good rating on hotel review forums. Check them out if you want to splurge a bit on your accommodation. 

6. Neeshorgo Hotel and Restaurant 

Neeshorgo Hotel and Restaurant is a refined 4-star hotel situated 6 km from Cox's Bazar Beach, 5 km from Laboni Beach, and 2 km from Kalatoli Beach. You can find some fantastic packages catering to diverse groups of people here! One of the most amazing perks of this hotel is- it faces the beachfront in Cox's Bazar. You will have a fantastic view during your stay. Breakfast and welcome drinks are complimentary. A fine 4-star hotel within your budget located near the main beaches in Cox's Bazar- Neeshorgo is a favorite on our list!

7. Ocean Paradise Hotel and Restaurant 

Ocean Paradise is a 4-star hotel in proximity to some calm beaches. This hotel is a 4-minute walk from Kalatoli Beach on the Bay of Bengal. It is also along a busy street and 4 km from Cox's Bazar Airport. If you are staying at this hotel, you will be enjoying a handful of amenities. Breakfast is included in the package. Some amenities include a 24-hour coffee shop, an airy buffet restaurant, a seafood grill, and a bar with a view of the beautiful bay. 

8. Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar

This 5-star hotel is a 17-minute walk from Cox's Bazar Beach and a 19-minute walking distance away from Laboni Beach. This hotel has high ratings on every hotel review forum! Some of the previous guests have commented on their excellent customer service, friendly staff, and good food. You can also find some 5-star hotel amenities like a swimming pool, billiard, gym, and jacuzzi. 

Their website boasts about serving world-class facilities. It is also located near the hills and sea beach. If you're looking for a great place to stay near some of the most beautiful beaches during your visit, this hotel is the perfect one! 


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