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7 Places to Work Remotely & Travel Safely

Whether you’re a workaholic with wanderlust or someone who seeks to expand the horizon of your workplace or maybe someone who wishes to watch the sunset in dismay while deadlines are chasing you, you’re in the right place! They say work hard, travel harder; we say why not both!


1. Seattle, WA
Seattle is a hub for big business being one of the foremost major cities on the West Coast of the USA. With big tech, the birth of some great coffee, and much of nature, and you'll get a car and do some driving to some peaceful and heartwarming places. So, why base yourself in Seattle for touch as a foreign worker or digital nomad? Seattle ranks very high, as far as remote work destinations go. Among its best qualities are super-fast WiFi, free WiFi throughout the town, great walkability in downtown areas, friendly for startups, friendly for ladies, great LGBTQ+ safety, excellent nightlife, and an incredible array of remote work locations for coworking.
2.Denver, CO & Boulder
Let's attend the mountains that are in Colorado. Denver and Boulder are known for being the centers of outside sports fanatics within the US, and for our friends who live there, the life-style is big on hiking, biking, trail running, and skiing. people that sleep in Colorado seem to be a number of the fittest within the whole USA! As for coworking or working remotely as a digital nomad from Denver or Boulder, the WiFi is super-fast generally and there's no shortage of places to figure from, making both cities rather remote-friendly at the top of the day. In terms of culture, Denver and Boulder, it is smaller yet packing-a-punch Coloradan counterpart, both offer aspects like clean air quality, four vibrant seasons, great hospitals and healthcare quality, high ratings from the remote work community and top quality of life scores.
3.Boston, MA
Boston may be a city that the majority of people are surprised to seek out. It is quite small, as far as big cities go. Boston packs a punch though, from its overwhelming urban culture that 'screams' Boston and constantly evolving food scene to shopping, culture, history, and architecture. Have you ever been to Boston Common? It's beautiful, and it's certainly where I'd take my strolls after an extended day of labor if I lived there. Boston is extremely likable, for anyone traveling and dealing remotely. It's easy to seek out coworking and places to figure from, alongside readily available fast WiFi for all of your work needs. It's incredibly walkable and features a high level of safety for travelers and professionals. Boston has great air quality and 4 distinct seasons that you simply can experience outdoors through activities and other excursions within the New England region.
4.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Why do you have to pick Kuala Lumpur as your next stop on your digital nomad journey? It's filled with culture, surprisingly affordable and it's a crossroads for Southeast Asia. A lot of available accommodation, peaceful locals, and cafes shooting up that function as co-working spaces. Nomads like Kuala Lumpur for its free WiFi throughout the town, lively nightlife, and growing number of startups like Happy Bunch, Hermo, and Bookish Bundle.
5.Tokyo, Japan
In Tokyo, they're not just hard-working but almost violently cheerful. Down at the Peacock, the change flows like tap water. The women behind the registers bow to you, and I don't mean that they lower their heads a little, the way you might if passing someone on the street. These cashiers press their hands together and bend from the waist. Then they say what sounds to me like "We, the people of this store, worship you as we might a god." -David Sedaris
While the value of living is on the upper end, if you'll afford to measure in Tokyo, you'll enjoy exceptional safety, food, nightlife, and internet speeds of 21 Mbps. Tokyo has fantastic public transportation and an overwhelming metro-rail system. Consider Tokyo your doorway into the remainder of Japan, which is filled with outstanding scenery, a number of the kindest people on earth, and awesome culture. Tokyo also has its share of coworking spaces - for instance, Creative Lounge has both days passes and longer memberships like a monthly membership at 23,000 Yen (208 USD).
6.Prague, Czech Republic
Prague may be a favorite in Central Europe, known in fact for beer and sausage, but did you recognize its hip neighborhood Vinohrady is pastel-colored? Hit up Prague during summertime for late sunsets, plenty of daylight, cafes with outdoor seating and gardens, and sunsets on the Charles. Explore Prague's neighborhoods through its cafes, and a few are great to figure at like La Boheme. Independent reviews of Prague list super-fast internet (29 Mbps), dazzling nightlife, insane walkability, comfortable friendliness to females and foreigners, and general peacefulness and safety. With its scenic beauty allowing you the peace of mind you need for the hustle, Prague is perfect for your work escape. Cowork from top-rated spaces like K10 Coworking, housed in an old mansion next to a gorgeous park, and Locus Workspace, where prices start at CZK 400 ($17.80).
7.Madrid, Spain
Would you think that Madrid scores excellently all-around for digital nomad satisfaction? Coming in with average internet speeds of 20 Mbps and much free WiFi throughout the town, Madrid tops out with high scores in walkability, traffic safety, general safety, quality of life, hospitals, and air quality. Although landlocked, Madrid may be an excellent spot from which to explore the remainder of Spain, with quick flights to Barcelona as a retreat, Valencia, and therefore the Canary Islands (part of Spain!). If you want museums, parks, a vibrant bar scene, many events, and good coffee, Madrid has you all covered. Work from coworking spaces just like the Shed Coworking, Impact Hub in five different locations, and Colabora, which offers flexible plans like 10 hours per week or 55 hours per week at a hot desk ("mesa colectiva"). Working from home presents an opportunity, one that we should take advantage of and travel in the process!


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