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NEWS 2 years ago

FIFA World Cup 2022: 7 Things You Should Know

Whether you’re a crazy fan watching games since a toddler or just a casual viewer, football unites all. And there’s no event bigger than the FIFA World Cup 2022. This time, the host is Qatar - a new destination for teams to fight tooth and nail for football’s biggest prize.

Let’s look into some exciting facts about the Qatar World Cup that everyone should know. 
1) Next Level Stadiums - With Air Conditioners!
That’s right folks - the government is spending $200 billion on building elegant facilities, equipped with full-fledged air conditioners. The air conditioners exist to ensure the rising temperatures during the day don’t tire out the spectators. Over 70,000 lights will illuminate the stadium, so you’ll be able to see everything crystal clear. 
2) A Winter, Middle Eastern World Cup
This is the first time the World Cup is being hosted in the upper half of the globe. You’ll be delighted to know that the FIFA World Cup 2022 is also the first Winter World Cup since it’ll be held during November instead of July. You can enjoy the beautiful weather in Qatar during that time. 
3) Qatar’s Simplified Travel Routes 
One thing fans will love about FIFA World Cup 2022 is how easy it is to travel from one stadium to another. A 300 kilometre-long metro network has been constructed for the World Cup and will carry more than a million passengers approximately. Qatar is so small that each stadium isn’t too far apart, so viewers can enjoy matches peacefully. 
4) Airports Accommodating More Flights
Qatar is already an international transit hub. Flights will start rolling in even more as the FIFA World Cup 2022 approaches. Qatar’s national airport and its national airline, Qatar Airways, have joined forces to accommodate more airplanes. It’s become easier to book tickets now. So we suggest buying tickets early if you want to see Messi or Ronaldo play. 
5) Viewers, Viewers, and Viewers!
More Boeing 747s landing means more fans have arrived in Doha to see Brazil vs Argentina unfolding. Since Qatar is at the heart of our planet, commuting via flight is easy from almost all continents. Expect to see a huge turnout, unlike any other World Cup. 
6) The Most Friendly Hosts You’ll Ever See
Qatar’s trademark Arabian hospitality will be on full display once you land. Everything from the hotels to even the departmental stores is tourist-friendly. In the wake of the FIFA World Cup 2022, hotels are pulling out the big guns to attract and impress their guests. You’ll have fun seeing the Hyatt and the Intercontinental fight over celebrities. 
7) Alcohol Availability
Even though it’s a Muslim-majority country, Qatar will provide alcohol to the spectators of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The government is setting up zones where fans can drink alcohol. So what you can’t bring your own bottle of Chardonnay? Qatar will provide it for you. 
The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be a blast that everyone should look forward to. Qatar being the host makes it all the more special. Let’s hope we see a grand World Cup with the most breathtaking fireworks and games on display. 

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