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Top 10 Tech Tips For Travelling

Whether you're a tech-savvy traveller on the road incessantly or are travelling for recreation with little to no knowledge about the nitty-gritty of the tech world, a few tech tips while travelling might save the day!

1. Conservation is the key!

The first thing you need to do before starting your trip is to turn your devices' low power mode. This will help you conserve battery energy and help you keep it flowing! Some devices also have additional options to save mobile data while you're roaming; make sure to turn it on.

2. Keep the documents near

Please take pictures of your necessary documents in case you lose or misplace them. So that, when you need them in time of emergency, you don't have to get stuck even if you misplace them.

3. Carry your tech kit

If  you're travelling to a place which might have a different kind of power outlet than yours, rather than buying a universal power adapter which lets you plug in only one device at a time, pack a country-compatible wall plug which offers multiple USB ports. So, you can charge your Laptop, tablet, phone, Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth earbuds. Always carry a multi-plug and multiple charging cables and USB charger for more than one outlet so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time so that the next day you don't have only one device charged.

Also, did you know your phones with charge way faster if you have flight mode on?!

4. Backup photos

A friend of mine had 2 years worth of pictures on her camera without having them backed up. And guess what? Her camera fell into the water when she visited Maldives, causing her to lose all her memories! So, always carry pen drives to backup photos if you're not backing them up online, it's still a safer choice than losing all the memories in case you lose the camera. But it's a whole lot easier if you can just have your photos uploaded to your Google drive when you have access to Wifi.

5. Capture moments with caution

Did you know you have the most accessible and affordable camera right in your back pocket? Yeah, I am talking about your phone that you carry with you all the time. Unless you plan to shoot underwater, it's better not to take action cams with you; you can just instead use your phone. Also, don't bring tripods unless you necessarily have to, as it increases luggage weight. It's time you showed off your mobile photography skill!

6. Google translate

Are you wondering how you’ll order in a restaurant located in the outskirts of China? Or how you’ll communicate with the taxi driver in Tamilnadu? Or maybe you found a group of people by the island you really wanna connect to? Don’t worry because Google Translate can perform online on the fly Translations. Also, if you download the translation database, it’ll provide you translations even offline! So if you are trying to save your data and time on the go, have the languages downloaded in advance.

All you need to do is:

-Tap settings icon

-Then click on offline translation

-Tap on the plus sign located in the upper left corner and select your preferred language that you need to download

6. Download Google Maps in advance

Just like Google Translate, having google maps offline can also come in handy if you're in a signal challenged location. Just downloaded map data which encompasses the area you’ll be travelling in. It might consume around 350-500 MB of storage, but trust me it’s worth it!

To enable this feature,you need to:

-open Google Maps and find the map of the area you need

-tap the Menu icon, then click on offline maps

-select Custom map, then make your last adjudgements to the map area you’ve selected, and tap Download.

(Keep in mind that if you want to download using a mobile network, you’ll have to click on the gear icon and specifically choose this option. Otherwise, Google  Maps shall download only when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.)

7. Change your SIM card Beforehand

Your peers might suggest you buy a SIM card when you reach your destination when you’re travelling to a different country but I’d suggest you get yourself a SIM card beforehand. You may need certain service as soon as you land, whether to contact your family right after you land, call the hotel you've booked or even just to get yourself a Taxi. It's possible to buy a SIM card at an airport store, but is it feasible? Certainly not. So it would be much easier and assuring for you if you get a SIM card that works in the country you're headed to before you start your trip. Trust me; it's a blessing to have a working SIM card right after you land!

8. Prepare for all those Geo-Restrictions!

Imagine waiting for a series to release for months only to find out on the premier date that the place you have come to travel to doesn't have access to Netflix! Scary right? You should count yourself as lucky if you haven't faced geo-restrictions yet. Even if the Wi-Fi works fine, some services might not be accessible from your location due to Geo Restriction. This can be a significant issue during your visit. However, there are specific ways to avoid this; you can use a proxy server after signing up for a VPN. Your digital traces and data will be safer, too, in this way.

9. Find a Reliable Messaging App

Sending messages via your SIM card might turn out to be a lot costlier than it is when you're travelling. So, it is always a safe bet to have an alternate messaging app for times like these. I would suggest using Facebook's messenger as it is available and costs the same wherever you go!


Have a safe trip, and don't forget to pack your headphones (and other necessary tech products to ensure a better experience); Happy Travels!


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