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Top 10 Travel Booking Engines in 2021 for Cheap Travel

Has your inner wanderlust surpassed its threshold after staying stuck inside four walls for months? Most of ours have. Undoubtedly the best part of travelling is planning the trip. Some of us like to do it from scratch and work ourselves through all of it step by step. However, that is not always possible given our bustling schedules and quarantine-induced messed up life routines.

These travel booking engines in 2021 for cheap travel will have you covered. For booking cheap flights


Being a robust meta-search engine, Kayak helps you find the top available deals by putting extensive tools at your fingertips. Showcasing a flexible fare tool lets you search as long as ten months in advance with its interactive price graph. Moreover, the site enables you to set up notifications for your chosen fares. To predict whether average fair prices will rise or fall, it analyzes former and present-day prices.


Acclaimed for being the pioneer in search engines to incorporate low-cost airlines, Skyscanner could be one of the top travel booking engines in 2021 for cheap travel. Its spectacular search feature and filters allow you to compare prices from almost every airline available. They boast a state-of-the-art interface enabling you to observe prices for up to an entire month. The pandemic now offers a live map that allows you to navigate current travel bans and restrictions. Furthermore, you can search for destinations for a whole country rather than just a city. That and flexible dates and graphs alongside every search makes it one of the best travel booking engines in 2021 for cheap travel.


For booking affordable accommodation


Available in 43 languages and offering 28 million-plus reported accommodation listings including hotels, homes, guest houses, villas, resorts and other unique staying abodes, Booking.com is seamlessly one of the top travel booking engines 2021 for cheap travel. 


Whether you’re on a business or leisure trip, from bungalows on the beach to environment-friendly homes located in the middle of jungles, there is no limit to what Airbnb can offer. You can even choose to rent a single room if the whole place does not quite cut it on your budget. 


For booking cruises

Cheap Cruise Lines

CheapTickets is a travel website offering discounted rates on travel-related things, including but not limited to cruises, car rental, vacation packages, last-minute trips. Since Expedia owns them, their website layout is pretty similar. It may feel a bit overwhelming, but all in all, they provide good service at affordable rates. 

Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct allows you to book cruise tickets without any booking fares. That may not make a significant dent in your savings, but you will be able to avoid some unnecessary expenditure. Moreover, if you come across a lucrative deal that you cannot afford at the moment, you can 'lock' it and pay for it later on. It is amongst the most significant travel booking engines in 2021 for cheap travel. 


For planning tours and activities 


An extensive selection of different categories and subcategories makes Viator one of the most refined travel booking engines in 2021 for cheap travel. By making planning your tour a completely stress-free experience, Viator amongst the most prominent travel booking engines in 2021 for affordable travel.A more detailed profile page appears that lets you learn in-depth about your desired action after selecting a tour or activity. You can also go through Viator Traveler's Reviews, which consists of feedback and a star rating to demonstrate the quality of travelers' experiences. Reviews can be left solely by customers who have purchased a tour via them, making Viator incredibly reliable.


If you do not yet have a distinct vision of how you would like your getaway to be, TripsPoint might be the perfect choice for you. If you simply enter your destination, they provide you with recommendations on the spot. Their unique voucher system makes travel booking much easier. Their tours and experiences are designed in such a way that you will be able to experience your destination like a local. 

 On top of all of this, they offer a guarantee of the cheapest possible prices.


For booking economical travel packages

Great Value Vacations

They deliver exactly what their name promises- value vacations. Since 1980 they have provided their clients with the most exceptional deals out there. If you are traveling alone or in a group of 2-4, this would be the most suitable option for you. They are not only one of the topmost travel booking engines in 2021 for cheap travel but a global company with massive reach. Using cutting-edge technology to its utmost potential, they come up with attractive travel packages for their customers. Great Value Vacations is noted for its aptness to put together some of the most premier all-inclusive trips in the online travel booking scene. They had gained massive popularity for their themed trips, which included tours in shooting spots of movies or series that are trendy pop culture. 

 Apple Vacations

Apple Vacations is a full-service booking agency aiming to provide you with anything and everything you need from hotels, flights to local experiences. An additional amazing thing about Apple's packages is that you can get nonstop flights through them. Unlike many other travel booking websites, Apple Vacations does not trap you into long, inconvenient flights just to show you cheaper airfares. They are capable of delivering congenial deals and keeping you unworried during the trip at the same time. After you are done booking  Apple Vacations cares will provide you with a support representative. Their customer service is well-reputed, so even if any issue arises, you can be assured that they will be solved smoothly.

It can often be tedious to sift through numerous links and resources, this list can act as your go-to travel booking guide. Whether you are trying to score cheap accommodation or low airfare, these websites will help you plan your ultimate trip. Happy Travels, we wish you best of luck!


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