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10 Places to go to on your next Luxury Holiday on a Budget

With all the hustle-bustle of life, traveling leads people to escape reality and cool off the steam. With the year we all had recently, it is fair to say we all need an escape from life. However, traveling is something that we all consider a luxury especially, after the detrimental effects of COVID-19. Hence, we bring you a list of 10 luxury budget holiday destinations where you can go without breaking the bank. All the places below take necessary precautions for COVID-19, and you need to quarantine as soon as you arrive. The quarantine period differs from country to country.

1:  Bali

The first place that comes to mind when you think about a luxury budget holiday is Bali in Indonesia. Resorts in Bali can be as lowest as 8 USD a day. Depending upon the destination and time, you can get a beautiful private villa with over 80 USD. The warm weather and cool breeze from the beaches nearby make it a perfect place for a break. You can surf, do thrilling water sports, enjoy the local food and also hike. All of these exciting things make Bali a popular destination for a luxury budget holiday.

2: Maldives

This scenic destination is another luxury budget holiday destination where you can get exotic spas, private beaches, and high-class services of over 200 USD. In case you want a hotel room, you can get the same ocean view and private pools and a lot more with just over 70 USD. The Maldives is a great place to enjoy the local cuisine, bake in the warm tropical weather, and have fun doing thrilling water sports. All of this makes the experience luxurious without you feeling guilty about spending money.

3: Cyprus

Cyprus is called the island of love and the jewel of the Mediterranean due to its breathtaking beauty. This holiday budget destination offers luxurious spas, beaches, and tropical weather. Luckily for how popular and lush service hotels offer, Cyprus is a luxury budget holiday destination where you can get rooms with private beaches with just over 200 USD. However, you can get villas starting from 70 USD making it an extremely affordable choice. The villas are modern with a vintage vibe, perfect for a private holiday with friends and family.

4: Mexico

Famous for the world of food, Mexico is a destination that is both amazing and budget-friendly. The hotels start from as low as 60 USD, and the resorts are as low as 200 USD. However, the villas are a lot cheaper than traditional hotels offering the same luxurious service. The price can be around 50 USD. The villas give a homely vibe and are perfect whether you are traveling with a family or alone. Despite being affordable, they give you the best service and the privacy you need with the tropical vibe. The local food is also very cheap, starting from as low as 1 USD and giving you the taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.  

5: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place filled with beautiful mountains and stunning landscapes. The food, the people, and the natural beauty make it stand out. You would think such a beautiful place will empty your pocket, but the prices start around 50 USD. You can spend your time on this luxury holiday destination by relaxing on the beach, watch turtle hatching, or see the coral reefs engulfed by beautiful green trees and warm breeze. The prices for beach resorts start at 40 USD, making this a very luxury budget holiday destination. The local food gives you the taste of authentic food and is also relatively cheap.

6: Phuket

Phuket is a luxury budget holiday destination due to its tropical weather, warm-cool breeze, green, lush mountains, and beautiful culture. The authentic Thai food is so worth the small price tag on the food. The resorts are luxurious with spa, gym and the picturesque view of nature, are priced starting from 70 USD. The villas in Phuket are more expensive with ranging from 1 bedroom to 8 bedrooms. However, with the picturesque view, privacy, spa, and private pool - the stay would not cost more than 200 USD. Hence, Phuket makes it worth checking out with all the fun activities you can do and get a luxurious feel without breaking the bank. 

7: Stellenbosch

If you are a wine lover, then Stellenbosch is going to be an experience worth cherishing. This small town is known for having vineyards all around the locality. This luxury destination allows you to enjoy wine and the beautiful fields that spread throughout. The accommodation is cheap, where places range from 60 to 100 USD. With elegant views all around the hotel, it will surely be an experience worth remembering. 

8: Mount Fuji

If you want to hike and soak in the Japanese culture, Mount Fuji might be the perfect place for you. With many fun activities to be a part of, this scenic luxury budget holiday destination allows you to make memories without making you broke. With views of the mountain and the ocean, hotels and hostels are all priced around 80 USD. This luxury holiday location offers a memorable stay with friendly locals and a time of a lifetime.

9: Singapore

This luxury budget holiday location has so many places that counting them all would be nearly impossible. Marina Bay stands, Universal Studies, Gardens by the Bay are few places you can visit within the city.  Beaches of Sentosa are a popular destination with activities to give you an adrenaline rush and make you feel alive. The accommodation is affordable, starting from 70 USD. The local cuisine is very affordable and worth every penny spent.

10: Amalfi Coast

A luxury budget holiday in Amalfi Coast would make your jaw drop. The beautiful pastel-colored housings, scenic views of nearby towns, warm beaches are what it stands out for the most. The place is a popular tourist attraction hence you will have many options for staying. The stay offers scenic, jaw-dropping views, and prices start from around 100 USD. 


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