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NEWS 3 years ago

10 Reasons To Travel Solo

"I am never happier than when I am alone in a foreign city; it is as if I had become invisible"-Storm jameeson This holiday season, GO SOLO!

1) Planning trips will be easier than you anticipated
If you're someone who loves traveling but hates planning, you should consider traveling solo. Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, you won't have to alter your plans considering someone else. All you need to kind of while traveling alone is what you want from this journey, where your heart wants to be. Do you think you need pizza right after dinner? Grab it! Fancy that somewhat geeky studio? Plow ahead and see it! Don't let go of the 5-second window to try what you would like to. Once you travel solo, you're the sole one you would like to plan for. 
2) Get to know yourself better
The ataraxy you'll find standing on a beach by yourself will make you cherish your own company. Traveling alone teaches you to open doors for yourself without the help of any significant other. While the princess from Frozen says love is an open door, we would like to state that traveling solo opens doors more than love ever will! You might not even know you want to sit and watch the sunset all by yourself until you travel solo rather than being occupied to company your travel partner while these precious moments slip away.
As everyone has different spending habits and budgets of their own, there's usually a fuss about budgeting while traveling with a group or even a partner. Even tastes vary from person to person; people you're traveling with might have a fancier taste than yours. When you're traveling solo, you don't necessarily have to agree to spend on something that doesn't go with your choice. That's why if you're thinking about going according to your budget, your safest bet is to travel alone.
4) Learn to follow your footsteps
Do you ever feel like you're more or less dependent on your peers? No matter if it's to navigate during which direction we'd like to travel or form small decisions a day like- where will you all have to eat? What you all have to wear? Which place do you have to visit first? How do you travel to your next destination? It is easy to permit others to help us make these choices and sort them out, but you'll learn to make every decision yourself once you travel alone.
5) Go fancy or maybe just in your sweatpants
 When you are traveling with your group, you might have friends who spend plenty of time doing their hair or putting on makeup; you might feel obligated to do the same in such scenarios. Then again, you might have peers who don't even take time to comb their hair; in such cases, you might feel bad about spending an excessive amount of time on your appearance. Whether you enjoy primping or only just like the choice to do as you please, traveling alone is the easiest method to rock whatever look you would like!
6) Break the cultural barrier
Suppose the locals of the place you're visiting speak in a different language. In that case, it'll be a massive advantage to all you linguists out there. There's no faster method to learn a language than to immerse yourself within the culture. Without having a buddy who shares your language, your only option for verbal communication would be to find out the native dialect. Being alone allows you to soak up your environment and see the people around you — how they talk, dress, and even walk. As you do, a part of you becomes like them unknowingly. 
7) Get to know people
If you're an extrovert, traveling alone is an exquisite way to meet locals and make new friends. Often, people that alone seem to be more approachable to others. Before you perceive it, you'll find yourself among some exciting and like-minded folks at a beach or a cafe or maybe even a sidewalk cafe o The key's to stay aware and keep an open mind while maintaining safety measures in mind, especially while you are in a foreign land.
8) Focus on your bucket list
Have you ever felt that there's something you would die to try, but nobody is willing to undertake with you? Maybe you wish to see Troy or Mayan's ancient ruins, or maybe go skydiving over the Grand Canyon, or eat real octopus sitting on the beach. Your partner and friends don't share all of your interests, and that's okay, but it's not okay to sacrifice your dreams, especially when all you've got to do is get there. Have you ever been hesitant to try to do that half-day at the spa you were looking for because you felt terrible leaving your travel partner with nothing to do? Once you travel alone, you're not obliged to entertain anyone but yourself. 
9) Fly cheaper
When you're traveling with a group, sometimes airlines can sell multiple airfare classes at different prices. For example, suppose you're traveling as a pair, and there is only one seat left in the lowest fare class. In that case, the website will usually show the highest fare class for both tickets. In those scenarios, you're more likely to accompany your partner or friends. You have a seat in the highest fare class due to having seat more seat vacancy. However, if you're traveling alone, the website will show all the prices individually, which might help you save money on your flights.
10) Cherish every moment as you wish to
When you look back at your solo travels, you don't find a particular memory close to your heart because someone else was with you that exact time but because of your presence. This makes you value your existence and love yourself a little bit more.


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