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NEWS 3 years ago

19 reasons to Travel Full time

Yo Ho Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life for me! It must be enticing! But not more than a lifetime of adventure from traveling. Here are 19 reasons why you should start your journey!

1) Find Yourself
Travelling makes it feasible for you to understand your true self and helps you find your real purpose. How you tackle adversities and rejoice in the smallest moments while traveling depicts a lot about yourself.

2) Make the lilac sky yours


Somewhere down the lane while you were running after a 9-5 job that wasn't meant to be your purpose, you did forget the day you once dreamt of. Didn't you? If it was you who wished to watch the lanterns glow like stars in the northern sky, start chasing the Northern Sky!

3) Travel through time


When you visit a place, it not only unleashes itself on you but the entire history that is yet unknown to you—got doubts on whether the pyramids were built by aliens or worldly creatures? See and know yourself!

4) Know the culture, get the vibe!


A world full of vibrant cultures awaits to welcome you; all you need to do is open your heart to all these diverse cultures! Whether you're on a truck with a Punjabi band in India or in New York watching a man with his wooden pet or in London learning about their traditional breakfast, don't let yourself miss out on these moments!

5) Treat yourself to different cuisines!


Whether you are in Chittagong, Bangladesh trying out their Mejban ( traditional meat dish) or in Naples, Italy trying out their traditional and classic pizza, trust me, you won't be disappointed in either scenario. So don't forget to try out new delicacies on the road!

6) Get blended!


You'll always get the most out of your trips when you adapt to the local environment and trend. Just trust your instincts and go with the flow!

7) Get Closer to Nature


Watch a duckling follow its mother for the first time or a deer drinking from the stream. Only if you knew how serene it feels to stargaze beside a lake with your favorite person humming the lyrics to your favorite song with you, you'd stop paying visits to 5-star hotels. Take a break while you're on the road, get closer to the wildlife.


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