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20 Tips for Saving Money when Travelling

Whether you're consumed by wanderlust or by boredom, a few tips and tricks for the next time you travel might just come in handy!

1. Travel in the low-season

If you ever heard the term 'high season', you heard it right! Some places become more expensive during holidays and some specific seasons and vacations. If you avoid these times of the year, you'll find hotter deals and lower flight prices on your desired getaway!

2. Cook more and dine out less

Whether you see it as an activity together to bond or just to save that extra bucks in tax or tips, this is a win-win situation either way. Stop eating in restaurants and bars while traveling for longer than a 2 or 3-day getaway, you can easily notice how eating out adds up very quickly. For this reason, when traveling long term, choose to cook with fun local ingredients you find in local markets and supermarkets.

3. Sine qua non!

Rather than buying your hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, sunblock, etc) why not just put them in a spill proof container and convey them wherever you go!

4. Travel in places where your home currency has a higher value


Figuring out the average cost of travel in various desired cities might help you determine what you'd like to do to travel longer and better. 

5. Stop buying stuff when you travel!

Capture every moment.
Instead of buying souvenirs for yourself and others while traveling, make a good investment in a good camera and camera gear that will help you cherish every moment worth remembering. No more dusty shelves crowded with things that never come in handy!

6. Keep moving!

In situations in which you can walk rather than taking a taxi, walk! If the distances are too big, consider mass transits keeping safety measures in mind as they are more environmentally friendly and usually save more money (especially if you're going solo).

7. Make use of those travel blogs online

When you decide where you're going, Google "__[insert city]__ travel blog" and research who is a pro in the region you're visiting. They probably have hundreds of tips on their site to help visitors save money, plus can tell you the best hotels that are up to date.

8. Make a sensible Budget & stick with it

If you recognize you want to shop in each city you visit and go skydiving or white-water rafting, you better think ahead and add that to your budget. 

9. Make Your Flight Bookings Smart

You got to do research. It'll be cheaper to fly into a close-by airport and take a train onward to your destination. Exploit multiple sites to seem for flights!

10. Don't Shop Near Tourist Attractions

These prices are usually much higher, instead, you should look for a local market to shop. 

11. The World Is A Circus!

Seek out things to try to do for free of charge. If you're not curious about walking for miles to ascertain a city and its parks or buildings, hunt down ways to enjoy nature and the arts.
12. Locals as guides

The Locals can tell you the best place to buy groceries or eat out in a city or town. They'll probably be happy to point you in the right direction when you ask where you can get the cheapest groceries, and when or where good deals on meals can be found.

13. Student discounts!

If you're a student, or still have a legitimate student ID card, it doesn't hurt to ask if various tourist attractions will offer you a student discount on the worth of admission. Hundreds of museums and places of interest everywhere around Europe offer significant discounts to students in some places, often when there's a university nearby, even some restaurants may offer students a reduction on food or drink prices! All you would like to try to do is ask around to save a few extra bucks. So, don't forget that ID of yours at home!

14. Stick to a Destination as Long as Possible

You may be tempted to cram in the maximum amount as you'll to a limited timeframe because the initial cost of going to an area is that the biggest expense, but this will even be misleading. Whenever you progress to a replacement locale, you incur a couple of costs that otherwise may be avoided, from tickets to food to time wasted waiting – some airports are within the middle of nowhere and shuttles cost almost the maximum amount because the tickets amid Pandemic. Stay for a short time and absorb what a city has got to offer!

15. Cut off Your Accommodation Cost

There are many options for ensuring the value of your accommodation while traveling is as low as possible. Platforms like Airbnb allow travelers to rent from private owners at a fraction of the value of traditional hotels, and hostels or sleeping in dorms are both good travel money saving options. 

16. Find Some Work!

Teach how to surf or a language you're adept at! This can help boost your budget and access to the local culture, food, and other people, travel becomes a more enticing proposition.

17. Find Free Wi-Fi:

If you need to get online make use of the free Wi-Fi rather than spending on buying internet data!

18. Carry Snacks and Water

Always carry your water. It’s best to shop for some snacks outside rather than grabbing from the hotel minibar. Hotels are tons costlier than the mini store outside.

19. Be smart together with your cabin luggage

A 7kg cabin bag is allowed to be 9kg with a laptop and then you get a "free" handbag(wink* wink*). Take a "man bag" over your shoulder also as a cabin bag – which can fit tons of stuff if you know the way to pack!

20. Never touch the minibar

Hotels tend to charge heavily on drinks, and if you get into the flow, you’ll end up spending more than you want to. Therefore, drink responsibly! Keep Saving & Keep Travelling!


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