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NEWS 3 years ago

5 Things To Plan Before Corporate Business Travel

Planning a business trip is complex and requires a lot of logistical planning beforehand. Everything from accommodation to travel must be pre-planned for maximum efficiency.

So, How do we make the most of Corporate Business Travelling? Here's how:



Often during traveling, you will go to countries that use a different currency. While you can always use digital payment services across the globe, you will usually have to use cash for micro-transactions when eating outside, using local transport, and safety purposes. Most airports have travel money booth's that you can use when you drop off at an airport. Ensure you track your expenditure during the trip, either manually with immediate photos of receipts or an expenditure tracking application if your company allows it for business travel. This will make things simpler for you.


Transport is a big part of the traveling experience, and while business and economy class will arrive at the same time, your expertise will vastly differ. Business-class will provide you access to better amenities like lounging, free meals, more leg space – and so on forth. If you want to get work done during your journey, business class tickets are your best friend. Traveling to and from the airport are also considerations you need to make: this can be done by hiring a private car, renting one, or even ride sharing options like Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc. When considering transport, do your research and book in advance.


Before booking a hotel, consider a few things, such as your meeting location, distance from the airport, distance from restaurants, and other facilities that a hotel may offer, such as breakfast and other essential and non-essential services. Some hotels are a part of reward programs that you may already have a relation to, commonly your bank or other corporate subscriptions – make the most of them. Finally, keep in touch with your family and your direct work colleagues with your location and contact details. Safety comes first and shouldn't be compromised.


Ultimately, business travel's main objective is business, and you need to make the necessary arrangements. These arrangements must factor in the fact that you might undergo jet-lag and find it difficult to do things on an impromptu basis. If you are hosting, arrange the venue and necessary equipment (AV equipment, refreshments, etc.) beforehand. If your meeting is at a restaurant, make sure you have reservations as well. Finally, keep in mind that punctuality is essential in a meeting—factor in the possibility of unexpected traffic, challenging locations, and other inconveniences.


Remember to make the most of your business trip and explore as much as possible. If you can spare any time, incorporate leisure into it. For this, do your prior research and decide what you want to do. Overcome the temptation of staying inside or flying back early and put in the extra effort. This can translate into local cuisine, activities, and so much more. COVID-19 has taken a toll on travel, with corporate business travel – make the most of it.


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