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8 Best Places to Visit Post-COVID

Due to the global outbreak and consequent lockdown worldwide due to Covid-19, the world was at a standstill. But with new vaccines being discovered and distributed around the world, people are slowly but surely getting back to running errands outside. So as the countries are stirring up from lockdown, the borders and airlines are opening, and so is tourism. People can finally get around to travel around the world, but this time with extra precaution. People can now travel around places after being locked in their houses for rigorous and precise months. Sites with a low population will make the best candidate for post-covid travel. Places with the vast natural landscape and spectacular sceneries would be perfect for destressing. To make your post-covid travel experience worthwhile, here is a carefully curated list of destinations that might be perfect for your post-pandemic get-away.

1. The Great Walks, New Zealand
New Zealand astounded the world with its excellent and meticulous response to the outbreak of covid-19. They efficiently flattened the curve of covid cases and contained the spread. Due to such commendable handling of the pandemic by the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, the country only experienced about 1166 confirmed patients of covid-19. New Zealand made it to the top of the list for a perfect post-covid trip due to all these reasons. New Zealand is abundant in spectacular hiking trails and natural sceneries. The Great Walks in the South Island is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in New Zealand. Anywhere in New Zealand, you will be able to experience delightful wilderness to bountiful culture. You'll encounter tall mountains and narrow fjords. The incredible serene natural sights coupled with the experience of hiking in a famous trail will be the perfect social distancing trip you can gift yourself.



2. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
Though most South American countries were not able to contain the cases of covid-19, some regions like Salar De Uyuni of Bolivia were significantly less affected. Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest playa(salt pan). Though the bolivia cases reached as high as 26,389 around mid-2020, Salar De Uyuni having a trifling population, the spread was contained. Salar de Uyuni occupies around 4,050 square miles of the Altiplano with a large crust of salt extending to the horizon. When water from the nearby water bodies overflow and create a thin layer of water, it transforms the salt pans into a mesmerizing reflection of the sky. Staying in a hotel made up of salt blocks in a relaxing hot spring without the stress of social distancing would be a tremendous post-covid travel experience. 


3. The Galapagos Island, Ecuador
The Galapagos Islands is situated in Ecuador, roughly 605 miles or 1,000 kilometers west of northern South America. The islands have unrefuted wilderness and wildlife, making the islands among the world's most mesmerizing places to visit. Though there were an estimated 51,643 cases in Ecuador, there were only 78 cases in Galapagos, making it one of the safest locations for post-covid travel. The islands are located about 930 km west of Ecuador's mainland, enabling the containment. You can go to the mainland islands through a ship or cruise while enjoying the blue waters. Traveling in Galapagos will give you the much-needed time to destress, away from people, and spending time looking at incredible animals. 


4. The Gobi Desert, Mongolia
The Gobi desert is a broad region of windswept land ranging from northern China to southern Mongolia. Due to its broadness, visiting this place and seeing all the mesmerizing can be challenging. It also makes it land on the list of pros due to the lack of crowd within miles, making it one of the most attractive places to visit post-covid. With its glorious weather and with the sense of remoteness, the Gobi Desert will give you the perfect opportunity to bask in nature and forget about social distancing. On the trip, you won't be in any crowded place as you travel from yurt to yurt. It indeed is the perfect destination to go for post-covid travel.


5. The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan
The highway is thought to be one of the world's highest international roads, with the highest point at a staggering 4655m. The route extends over much of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan through the Pamir mountains. The Pamir Highway was called M-14 during Soviet times. It goes through one of the most collosal, remote, and wild mountain ranges in the world. This picturesque road will give you the experience of one of the best road trips with the added benefit of no human contact. While traversing the road, you live along the Pamir and get to know the lives of people living there while being mesmerized by spectacular landscapes and snow-covered mountains. The Pamir Highway is among the most remote regions globally to be a perfect candidate for post-covid travel. As it connects Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, you will have to start your trip in Kyrgyzstan and end in Tajikistan. The cases in both the countries were comparatively low relative to the neighboring countries, thus allowing you to travel without stress. 


6. The Outback, Australia
The Outback is a broad, sparsely populated area of Australia. The Outback is quite remote from the main urban areas. It has diverse plants like Mulga trees, Eucalyptus trees, Spinifex grass, Bloodwood, Corkwood, and Desert Oak trees. Its water bodies are lined with River Red Gums. Australia is among the countries that are doing quite well at minimizing COVID-19 cases, with approximately 7,500 confirmed cases from mid-2020, making its place on the list.  Along with a vast, scarcely populated remote desert, you will be able to absorb the spectacular aboriginal sacred areas like Uluru and Kata Tjuta without worrying about social distancing. On top of that, the trails like the Kings Canyon and camel rides along the horizon during sunset might be just what you need.


7. Easter Island, Chile
Easter island is among the most secluded islands in the world. It is located about 3500 km west of Chile. It is locally known by the Spanish name Isla de Pascua or Rapa Nui. Chile could not deal with the containment of covid with more than 250,000 cases. Still, as easter island is so remote, it only experienced five instances. Thus, it makes it on the list as a candidate for good post-covid travel. Rapa Nui or Easter Island is famous for its world heritage site, Rapa Nui National Park. It has serene beaches with volcanoes scattered around. It is renowned worldwide for its monumental Moai statues, left behind by the long-lost civilizations. 


8. The Himalayas, Nepal
The northernmost region of Nepal, harboring eight of the world's ten highest peaks, is the Himalayas. It is famous for accommodating the world's highest mountain – Mount Everest. It could be one of the most secluded places with a handful of people visiting, of which most are mountaineers. Even though Nepal was severely hit by covid, due to almost no people living in the Himalayas, the cases were much fewer. You can go trekking in the Annapurna region or roam around the places neighboring mount Everest like Khumbu or Namche Bazaar or visit Langtang National Park. The travel world might never return to normal, but that doesn't hold back the tourism industry. Navigating post-covid travel is too strenuous, and that's why this list might be perfect for you.




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