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The 10 Best Budgeting & Expense Tracking Apps For Travel - Travel Smart!

If you love traveling, you’re probably used to navigating the internet to figure out your next travel destination. However, despite the dreams – there are limitations such as time, prior commitment, and most importantly – money. We’re here to show you the way to manage your money and make that next big travel plan happen with the help of technology – Budgeting & Expense Tracking Apps for Travel!

Why Use a Budget Tracking App for Travel?

With limited finances and a heart full of dreams, keeping your finances in check is a must for making those dreams come true. While many would prefer manually noting them down on paper, or using an excel sheet – Budget tracking apps are the most user-friendly and streamlined way to do it. Speaking from experience here’s 10 budget apps that you should consider on your next travel adventure:


1.     Tripcoin

Tripcoin is a travel budget app made by Causania, designed for an iPhone. Tripcoin supports offline work, meaning that you can work without a Wi-Fi or a data connection. This is handy for travelers without a sim connection or those looking to save. This allows travelers to log in entries on the go and is extremely convenient. Tripcoin has a very soothing interface that provides graphs of daily expenses and charts that can be broken down into multiple categories. This data visualization has proven to be extremely beneficial to those looking to fix their spending habits.


Beyond this, the daily updated currency exchange rates are helpful for travelers and assists in quickly inputting exchanges.

2.     TravelSpend

TravelSpend is a budgeting app built for both Android and iPhone. It is one of the easiest budgeting apps to use for travel because of its easy-to-use features and simplistic design. Supported for offline work, it allows for things such as currency rates and split expenses.


Other fun features include being able to follow your spending on a map throughout your vacation, providing you a better idea of where you spending your money.

3.     TripMate

TripMate is an android only travel expenditure application that provides simplicity and easy-to-use features. It allows you to segment your travels, and as a collaborative tool, it lets you include and exclude additional users. Beyond this, it is fairly simple because of how it allows you to add expenses, receive a summary, and at times get other information related to hotel/transport booking.


4.     Wally

Wally is an app by TurtleCorp that is built for both Android and iOS. It connects current financial accounts and tracks spending to assist your travel needs. Wally allows for categorization and enables you to have a better grasp of your cash flow.Unlike most budgeting apps, this one lets you create and utilize private groups to manage travel logistics and finances – while also providing you with the chance to add reminders, notes, documents, lists, and comments.


Additionally, Wally has a very cute interface that makes you want to use it. The only downfall of this app is that it does not support formats like CSV but hopefully, you will not be needing it. 

5.   Trial Wallet

Trial Wallet is a travel-specific budget and expense tracking tool available on iOS. As a simple application, it lets you categorize and input expenditure to let you analyze your finances. Trial Wallet has been tried and tested by tens of thousands of travelers and allows for flexibility because of how it functions with CSV formats, backups, and so on.

Beyond this, Trial Wallet also ticks all the boxes of a regular budgeting application but is a premium application that requires some in-app purchases. You can’t go wrong with this one.

6.     Splitwise

Splitwise is a budget tracking app built for both iOS and Android that allows for splitting group expenses during a trip. This can be divided by either shares or percentages and can be used both in online or offline mode.For international trips, Splitwise works well because of its availability in a total of 7 languages and 100+ currencies. Furthermore, it is integrated with popular payment systems like Venmo & PayPal.


Splitwise is fundamental for tracking finances and offers more with the paid version. It supports CSV, Backups to JSON, and if you ever need it – amazing customer support. Beyond travel, this app can also be used for day-to-day finances as well.


7.     Mint

Mint is a travel expense app that works as more than a travel expense app. This application is optimized to connect with all of your bank accounts and provide you with a comprehensive and easy to understand summary of cash flow. This helps to create a specific budget divided into categories, helping you save for travel, and save on travel as well.


This tool by Intuit Inc. can also be shared with family and friends and is overall good for any kind of financial planning.


8.     The BACH

The BACH is a great app to track finances that are available on iOS and Android. If you’re going on a large trip with a large group of people, there are a lot of expenses that need to be split into many parts. The BACH is a good app that enables this and includes other useful features like polls, chat, and so on.


9.     YNAB

YNAB, abbreviated for You Need A Budget, is a popular software available on iOS and Android. As a premium app, it is rather pricey but offers premium features like savings goals, itemization of vacation expenses, and so on.

10.  PocketGuard

PocketGuard is an extremely automated financial tracking and budgeted app that’s perfect for your travel. Made for iOS and Android, it syncs with your financial accounts and builds a spending budget factoring in your income, expenses, and goals. PocketGuard can be used to save money for trips and is an extremely streamlined approach to managing finances during a trip as well.


The next time you’re on a trip, remember to take five minutes out of the fun and log your daily expenses on your expenditure app for a more efficient way of traveling! Happy Travels!


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