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10 Reasons Why You Should Fly Business Class

Squashed into an economy seat with no leg room and tightly tucked in elbows because your seatmate has expropriated the armrest and then some more. Just as you manage to place your laptop on the narrow tray table, your anterior neighbor transforms their seat into full recline, and you suddenly feel like a short-armed kangaroo typing with your hands up under your chin.



On the other hand, in-flight premium service, a range of benefits for passengers on the ground, also known as business class flights. Anyone would choose the latter; you probably don't need any further convincing to fly business class but let's give it a shot.

Who takes business class flights?


You are probably picturing a passenger wearing a suit, carrying a laptop, or furiously working through a stack of papers from the office. But that’s not the only kind of people who travel business class. If you want to embark on a flight as remarkable as the destination itself, you should fly business class. Here are ten perks of flying Business Class that'll make you understand why it's worth every penny. On-ground Business Class Travel Service


1. Chauffeur service


For many airlines, a chauffeur service will carry you and your luggage from your front door to the airport terminal's sliding doors, completely free of charge. You can expect private transfers with state-of-the-art vehicles and professional drivers at the wheel. Hence, you will be able to start your trip without any hassle about airport parking expenses, and you can even catch up on last-minute phone calls in a stressless manner.


2. Priority check-in 


A dedicated check-in line makes you a priority. Skipping the regular queue, you can receive prompt service and be on your way as fast as possible. You may even sit comfortably as the staff takes up the responsibility.  All in all, you don’t have to turn into an anxious mess by being forced to be dangerously close to other humans, given that we’re still in a pandemic. 


3. Additional baggage allowance


Some airlines offer additional check-in and carry-on luggage allowances to Business Class passengers. This is good news for shopaholics and people who prefer carrying a mini version of their household everywhere they go. 


4. Premium lounge access


You have the option to escape from the airport’s bustling shops and shuffling crowds and make your time waiting to board the plane count by accessing airport lounges. All of them have endless food and comfortable resting chairs; some even offer private sleeping and relaxation areas and shower facilities to enhance the whole experience further. 


In-flight amenities

5. Swift boarding


When you upgrade to Business Class, flight onboarding is a breeze as you get to file into the plane first. At the gate, you'll enjoy priority boarding, often via a separate jetway, so you can get on board and settled while the Economy Class guests are still waiting at the gate.  

6. Exceptional comfort




In Business Class flights, the seats come bigger and better to provide the utmost in passenger comfort. Business-class flights offer recline seats to lie-flat beds and private suites, although the specific details vary with each airline. However, most airlines offer turn-down service, bedding, slippers, luxury loungewear, and an amenity kit filled with designer products. 

7. The more spacious, the better




Flying Business Class won't leave you feeling cramped in by the person sitting next to you. You can Pack away your belongings in convenient-to-access concealed storage compartments, stretch out those legs, and most of all, enjoy some personal space. You don’t need to stress about rooting around in overhead lockers or trying not to bump into fellow passengers as you search for the one thing buried at the bottom of your bag.


A little extra leg space goes a long way to a pleasant, flourishing in-flight experience.

8. In-flight dining is a culinary experience.



Combining the dry environment and low pressure in flights reduces the sensitivity of your taste-buds to sweet and salty food by around 30%. Out-of-the-box airplane food doesn't exactly help with that. However, Business Class dining will have you covered. Award-winning menus crafted by famous chefs and live stations are just the start. You can have as many refills of champagne and other fancy drinks on most flights. Indulging in delectable cuisine will only make your flight more pleasant moreover since you have probably been quarantined for a while now and not had access to mouth-watering meals.



9. Enhanced entertainment plus option to catch up on work




You will be able to enjoy exclusive access to media content such as movies, documentaries, etc., as well as bigger screens, which often vary in size based on your airline. It’s also much easier to keep in touch with friends and family or even set up impromptu meetings with your colleagues with a range of connection ports at your fingertips and on select flights, mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. Extra breathing room at your flight seat, a decent tray that doubles as a desk, a confirmed in-seat power supply, and USB ports make it efficient to work on Business Class flights. Additionally, the fact you can choose when you have your meals means you can power through that project without interruptions.


On arrival

10. The first one to get off the flight


After landing, the last thing you need is to get caught up in the slow ensemble of passengers arranging their belongings to disembark. Thankfully, you will be among the first to leave the aircraft. Once you promptly arrive at the baggage collection area, your bags will be the first to appear on the conveyor belt too. If eligible, a pre-booked complimentary chauffeur drive service will drop you off at your destination. 


Whether you are traveling for business needs or vacation, business class flights allow you to arrive in a relaxed manner and ready to participate fully in the events at your destination. The service exceeds expectations, door-to-door. You have already made a significant investment in time and money with your destination arrangements. Why would you not ensure the most optimal experience that coincides with your budget?


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