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10 Ways To Book The Cheapest Hotel Possible: Save & Travel!

Accommodation isn't something you can skip, like souvenir shopping if you are in a budget shortage while traveling. A comfortable resting place to catch a sufficient amount of snooze plays a vital role in your holiday.

If you are cranky and tired due to your neighbors being too loud or having a mattress that feels like concrete pavement because you got yourself the cheapest booking possible from a shady site, that would be pathetic. You won't be able to enjoy your vacation to its fullest extent if you are not well-rested. However, you don't need to spend half or more of your travel budget on a good hotel. That would financially restrict you from doing many of the fun tourist things you would've otherwise done. So read on if you want to ensure getting cheap hotel booking deals that coincide with your requirements. 
1. Be Flexible: 
It will be easier to score cheap hotel booking deals online if you are flexible with time.  According to experts, hotels in business districts can offer great discounts during the weekend, while you should book resort areas earlier for the best savings.
2. Book Early: 
Plan early and book your hotels earlier to get them at the lowest price possible. Experts from TripAdvisor Data have researched, resulting in the following findings as to how early to book hotels in different regions worldwide.
● Europe: Book 4-6 months prior so you can save up to 25% on hotel prices.
● USA: Book up to 2 months in advance so you can save up to 10% off.
● Asia: Book 5-7 months earlier to save upto 25% of the price. If you look at accommodation two weeks prior to your trip, you may also find the right deals.
● South America: Book 3-4 weeks before travelling, and save up to 20% off.
● Central America: Book 3 months prior or more so you save up to 10% off.
● Africa: Booking around 5 months in advance will mean a price drop of up to 20%. Like in Asia, if you look two weeks before your trip, you may find some good deals.
● Oceania: Booking 5 months ahead of time will save you 20% or more on hotels.
● Caribbean: If you book five months in advance, you can save up to 10% off.
● Middle East: Book 6 months in advance and save upto 25% on your hotel.
3. Avoid peak season & public holidays: 
These are when most people have a vacation and thus decide to travel; This causes the hoteliers to charge even double the usual prices. Try to avoid these times but if you have absolutely no other option, refer to the initial point for how early you should book. 
4. Hotel Promotions: 
Be on the lookout for hotel promotions. You can log in to websites like Kayak, Booking.com and select your destination so that they can alert you when prices drop.  Moreover,  some hotels booking sites give fare sale or membership discounts to attract their customers through emails. So it would be best if you considered signing up to their website; there is a good chance of getting flooded with other spam mails. Still, you could unsubscribe after reaching your desired deal.
5. Use Multiple Search Engines:
Compare prices in various hotel booking sites. If you find a good deal, don't forget to check it out in other places; you never know, you might get an even cheaper option. However, do delete your cache/cookies when searching for a hotel numerous times. You may use incognito mode.
6.  Ensure the hotel has free cancellation policies. 
There are often loopholes in cancellation policies. You may be promised a cash back, but then you'll realize it's applicable only if you cancel within a certain period. So do your research to be as safe as possible. 
7.  Book hotels that offer facilities you need
There's no point in booking an expensive room at a hotel with a fully equipped gym, indoor pool, and other similar amenities if you don't swim or workout or probably won't get to do so during your stay.
8. Cashback: 
Some credit, debit cards, and e-wallets offer a decent cashback for first-time users. Cashback websites also pay you when you click through via them to spend.  Topcashback, Quidco are two of the more reliable ones. 
9. Offline Booking
Don’t rely solely on hunting for good deals virtually. Some hotels are not tied up with any booking website, and they may offer cheap hotel booking deals. Call or email them directly to ask if they have any offers available.
10. Stay Outside Of The Downtown Area
The city center is usually the most expensive place to stay since most attractions, restaurants, shops, and nightlife are located. Your best option to book a cheap hotel is to look in the outskirts and surrounding areas of a city. You should choose hotels in further out areas: near the airport or in the suburbs, especially if there are useful transport links to the city center. These hotels will be cheaper and more tranquil. You can save a lot of money on hotels by simply avoiding accommodation in the city center. 
A surprise additional tip, research about offers on your existing credit card may help you bag. Just go to the hotel's website; it will include every discount, coupon, etc., that comes with your card. Or you may call the hotel's customer service directly. New coronavirus restrictions across much of the world have thrown travel plans into chaos. There's still a lot of uncertainty about how long these will last. Some people may understandably even press ahead with booking trips and stays in the future. If you do so, remember things can change quickly. Thus carefully check terms and conditions. It's also best to look for accommodation which offers flexibility if you're unable to stay due to future travel restrictions. When traveling, please make the most of it by directing your finances in the right direction. We hope the money you save from getting a cheaper deal is worth it. Happy Travels!


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