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15 Ways Technology Has Made Travel Easier

Technology is inseparably linked with every aspect of life in this tech orientated 21st century and has undeniably improved the degree of comfort and safety in people's life. So, why should the sector of travel and tourism not benefit from this era of technological advancement? Existing technologies and new innovations in the technology sector are vastly influencing the travel sector and making travel easier for the travelers.

Many of these technologies are usable in portable devices like smartphones - like the navigation apps or other apps that utilize the GIS (Geographic Information System) technology and the apps that compare prices of the similar services by data analysis; that has made the whole travel process a lot easier. Here are 15 ways how technology has influenced travel and increased comfort for the travelers:
1. Swift and Hassle-free Travel Planning:
Technology has transformed travel planning into a really uncomplicated process. Different websites provide all the necessary informations of various travel destinations all around the world. A traveler just needs a stable internet connection amd a device to surf Internet (Smart phone, PC, Tablet, Laptop etc.) and of course a few hours of time to browse the internet. Here are some of the useful websites for this stage - "Tripadvisor" for finding recommendations and reviews on travel destinations and the features available at the places, "Rome2Ciro"  for international travel and "Skyscraper" for finding unexpected destinations in your budget etc.
2. Fast and Easy Booking:  
The 2nd stage after deciding on the travel destination is placing the bookings. Again in this stage, internet is going to prove helpful as there are websites for these kind of information and these also compare the pricees for similar services! And thus a traveler can save money by booking the one most suitable to him/her and his/her budget! Here I am listing some websites for this: "Hopper" for booking flights,  "Kayak" for comparing various airlines and hotels and to book the ones best suitable to him/her, "HotelTonight"  for last minute best hotel deals, "Airbnb" for non-hotel lodgers and "Dayuse"  for layovers etc.
3. Systematized Packing and Lighter Suitcase:
Packing is a major headache to the travellers as leaving anything essential can sometimes ruin a leg of the whole trip. "PackPoint" comes in handy at this stage as it helps to not forget anything while packing. Also technology has now lightened our luggage to quite an extent. it is because now we can use our smartphone as a mp3 player, a reader and sometimes quite an effective camera all at once!
4. Easier Trip Organizing and Budget Management:  
Organaizing various stages of a trip has never been easier. "TripIt", "App in the Air" are two of these oraganizer apps with alerts for various stages. And for budget management, "Trabee Pocket" is one of the apps that can help keeping record of the money spent on the various activities of the tour.
5. Great traveling experience:  
Technology has ensured a far less complicated travel and thus enabled the people to enjoy their fullest. Navigation apps like"Waze" , "Citymapper" provide detailed maps that helps a traveler to navigate their travel destination, "AllTrails" contains over 100,000 curated trails for nature lovers to hike , transportation booking apps like "Uber"  and "Lyft" make travel easier, some apps help to find great restaurants and nightlife ( like "Yelp" ), gas station (like "GasBuddy" ), washrooms (like "Flush" ).
6. Stay connected:
Technology has connected the people across the world. Through audio calls, video calls, chatboxes and social networking sites, people are always connected no matter where they are on the earth. That applies while traveling too. Even while traveling people stay connected with others.
7. Personalized traveling experience:
Nowadays Chatbots, websites, apps, blogs and other services create a virtual space for travelers to imagine to their fullest and express that idea so that they can find real life version of their Dream trip. Technology also help to find destinations that suit any special requirements like if there is any traveler who are physically disabled, they can choose travel destinations and activities that may ineterest them ( like "TripTripHurray" ).
8. Taking Work with You or Being Virtual Nomad:  
In this covid situation, working from home has been a norm for many jobholders. So many people are thinking if work can be done from home, why not from the midst of nature?  And regarding this technology is the core thing.
9.  Entertainment for long rides:  
To make the long roadtrips and flights enjoyable, technology like smartphone, ipod, Kindle etc. and aps like "Audible", "Netflix", "Spotify" etc. are used to entertain the traveler.
10. Coupons for traveling in style:
Various websites provide significant discounts and promotional coupons for some interesting travel experience like "Groupon", "Expedia", "Hotels.com" etc.
11.  Language barrier: 
Traveling to any foreign country almost always results in encountering foreign languages that create a language barrier. But apps like "google translate" or "Itranslate" helps to overcome this language barrier.
12.  Electronic payments/ contactless payment and digital documents:
Technology has turned payment into digital form. Digital wallet or e-wallet, Apple pay, Samsung pay or Google wallet can be used to make digital payment and apps like PayPal can also be used. This format ensures the safety of the money of a traveler as sometimes there are risks of robbery in the more deserted areas. Also digital copies of documents have turned travel a lot hassle-free.
13. Internet of Things (IoT):
Internet of things gives people control over various things together. Like some hotels provide devices to travelers that control all the electronic gadgets in the room.
14.  Environmentally friendly:
Reduction of paper documents are reducing pressure over trees.
15. Easing travel discomforts:  
Technologies have been invented to ease some travel discomforts. Like "Timeshifter" for easing jet lags, "Soar" for easing fear of flying.
So, it is clear that the travel experience is quite vastly dependent on the technological advancements that are being made rapidly in today's world. Actually, making any trip without relevant technologies can be barely imagined nowadays. And what new technologies like AR, VR etc. are going to add with this, is beyond imagination at this time.

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