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7 Tips for Your First Family Trip Abroad

Traveling with family is one of the most exciting things you can do. Although traveling with family can be a little stressful with all the planning that needs to be done, it’s still an exhilarating experience. Whether it’s a short trip or an international one with multiple layovers, it’s still a worthwhile experience.

Traveling abroad for the first time with family members can be overwhelming. But organising is the key. With proper organisation skills, you can map out a perfect vacation with your family to avoid any mishaps. Here are 7 tips to get you prepared for you and your family’s trip abroad: 
Only Pack as Necessary 
It’s really easy to get carried away and overpack things that aren’t necessary. As a result, you might have to pay an extra baggage fee on flights. To save yourself from this trouble, pack only the bare necessities. Being away from home for a long time is probably something the kids have never experienced. That’s why comfort is the key. Pack things that are comfortable for the kids. If you are traveling to destinations with tropical weather, pack lightweight clothing items. And if you are traveling to cold destinations, make sure to stock up on warm clothes. The best packing list for cold destinations would include sweaters, mufflers, and coats. You don’t want to catch a cold and put a full stop to your vacation there. Make sure to carry an umbrella or raincoat if it rains frequently at your vacation spot. Pack only what’s needed, and make sure to keep it apt according to the weather conditions. 
Travel With Your Prescriptions 
Does your grandma have asthma? If yes, pack her inhaler safely if she’s traveling. Does your kid often get stomach troubles? Pack that extra medicine, and ensure that you travel with your prescriptions in case of an emergency. Kids are the most susceptible to illnesses when traveling due to the change in food and climate. So, make sure to pack suitable medicines for such scenarios. Don’t forget to take bandages as well! You can never go wrong with medicines. It’s better to stay on the safe side rather than facing any undesired accident. The last thing you want to do is run around frantically in an unknown country looking for medicines. Some countries don’t allow medicines without a prescription certified by a professional. Plus, the language barrier makes it difficult as well. You don’t want to get into that whacky situation. That’s why stock up on current medicines, take extra if required! This is essential, especially in scenarios where pharmacies aren't in a convenient location. 
Create a List of Family Needs 
Everyone has varying lifestyle needs. You might have a family member who is allergic to a certain food or a child who has a preferred milk formula. These requirements should be anticipated before traveling. Create a list of everyone’s requirements. This will ensure that everyone is staying healthy during the trip which is crucial for a relaxing vacation. On top of that, adapting to new lifestyles when traveling abroad for the first time can be pretty tough. Make sure you are keeping a list of everyone’s requirements. Keep in mind that they have to adjust a lot since this is their first time traveling. Make certain itinerary plans or food hangouts keeping that in mind!
Familiarise Yourself with the Destination 
After arriving at the hotel after a long flight, you will feel like crashing on your bed and catching up on some sleep. But you must familiarise yourself with the local area. With kids and older members traveling, look for the nearest pharmacy, convenience store, and hospital. In case of emergencies, this information will come in handy. Be sure to make a note of the emergency numbers to call if you encounter any trouble; this is a smart thing to do. You can collapse on your comfortable hotel bed after you are done doing this! 
Stay Together and Connected
The first thing you should do after arriving at your destination is- Get a sim card. You want to be able to communicate with your family members. There are also portable WiFi routers that you can get for a fee. Communication is important when you are traveling to crowded places. Make sure that the younger family members have your contact information on a small card at all times so that they can call you from anywhere. 
Pack the Right Gadgets 
One thing you want to make sure of is- you have enough batteries, spare chargers, and power banks. Your electronics gadgets like phones and laptops should have enough battery, and make sure you are not carrying anything too expensive with you. Laptops and tabs should be carried safely in different pouches to safeguard them from theft or damage. Chargers should be checked for compatibility because many countries don’t have the required charging outlet or require an adaptor to charge properly. 
Other Important Things You Can Do 
Families traveling with both oldies or kids should be very careful about what to expect when traveling for the first time. First-time travelers especially the elderly and kids should be taught the dos and don’ts of traveling to avoid any inconveniences that might occur. They should be oriented on travel etiquettes especially about the airport and flight policies. The family members should be briefed properly to set expectations properly regarding dietary and physical requirements. The family members especially the kids should be taught safety measures i.e not talking to strangers, not taking food from any strangers, and being respectful towards the locals. To avoid any mishaps, the family members should also be oriented on what to do when one finds themselves lost and separated from the rest. The kids should memorize the accompanying adult’s phone number in case of emergency. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the vacation. Remember you are on a vacation with your family. If you are careful enough, you will just be fine. Enjoy yourself and make the most out of your time!

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