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Travel To China: 10 Essential Apps When Travelling To China

Traveling to a new country can be a very daunting experience, but it adds to your worries if you do not know the language. China is a country where the locals know very little or no English. Hence, traveling in this country can be a struggle. Booking a taxi, ordering food, or even paying for your tours is a problem if you do not know Mandarin. There is nothing to worry about, thanks to technological advancement. Here are ten apps to help you with your travel to China. The list below covers all essential apps when traveling to China. There are many other apps, but these are the top suggestions and the most used apps even by international students.

1. WeChat: This app is the most useful app on this list due to its massive popularity. WeChat is an app used for communication, mobile payment, and much more. You can either use your sim card or buy tourist sim cards available to activate this app. Using this app, you can communicate with your tour guides, tourist spot managers, shop owners, and much more. You can also use WeChat Pay if you have a WeChat account. WeChat pay allows you to pay for small transactions with a scan of a QR code. Almost every shop in China has a QR code making this the number one app when traveling to China.

2. Baidu Translator: Baidu translator allows you to translate from Mandarin to English and vice versa. The app has a high accuracy rate in translations, making it a well-loved app when traveling to China. The app also has features such as translating pictures which can be very handy when you are in a time constraint. Another great feature is the voice translation feature which has a high accuracy rate. This feature is a lifesaver when asking for directions from a local.
3. Baidu Maps: Goggle Map is not accessible in China-many use the Baidu Maps app when traveling to China. This app is also far more advanced than Google maps. This app allows a 3D feature where you can easily see a simulated version of your location. It also has a voice assistant function which can make asking directions from a local effortless. Baidu Maps also shows you the bus and the subway routes, which can be useful while planning your travel.





4.JD- the e-commerce website: Whether you need emergency supplies or you want to shop for loved ones while you are busy, JD is an app to have on your phone when traveling to China. JD is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in China, and you can order a lot of goods from the site. It is a favorite due to its large selection of international brands. You can shop and travel while avoiding the hassle of going to the place and getting everything delivered right to your doorstep.
5. Mobike: This is a bike-sharing app that you can use when taxis become expensive. Bike-sharing is a very reasonable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. The orange bicycle ornament the city; hence you will get a bicycle for almost any destination. Many travelers swear by this app when traveling to China since it is simple to use. The only downside is it has a very long process for activating the app, so you have to start the app days before the trip.
6. NordVpn: The surveillance in China is high, we all know already, and hence you would not get all the shows you like to watch on Netflix. So NordVpn is going to be useful when you want to destress after a tiring day. NordVpn is an app used by many travelers and corporate representatives alike when traveling to China. You can use it on many devices and has server all around the world. The encrypted service gives you complete security, making this app worth it.
7. Ctrip: Ctrip is a must-have app while traveling to China- allowing you to book flights, train tickets, taxis, and other forms of accommodation. The app compares many portals and shows you the best deals on that particular place. You can also make reservations in hotels and even purchase tours. This app has customer reviews and maps features that allow you to see what the hotel looks like from the inside. Hence this is a must-have app when traveling to China.
8. Moji Weather: Raincheck is a must if you do not want the rain to drown your travel pans. Moji weather app is a Chinese app with the unique AI to get the best weather prediction. Many businesses use Moji Weather to make sure they can inform their customers about any potential weather delay. It shows air quality, UV index and includes crowd opinions of how the weather is affecting them. Much functionality in this app makes it a perfect companion app when traveling to China.
9. DiDi: It is a taxi app that is the best alternative to Uber in China. You can use this app to book a taxi, talk to drives, and give a real-time translation to avoid language barriers. The prices they offer are reasonable, and the drivers are all highly rated-giving you a peaceful ride. All the taxis take full precautions and follow the government regulations in regards to COVID-19. The app also has an English version in three major cities, making it your favourite app when traveling to China. 
10. Meituan Waimai: We all have been to places where food is not your preferred kind- to avoid this scenario, Meituan Waimai is an app you need. It has many restaurants to choose from, and you can get almost anything here. It is the one-stop for all your food cravings. You can get groceries, drinks, desserts, and much more. While you relax after the long day of fun, you can get your food delivered without the hassle of going out. It also has a fast delivery service making this app essential when traveling to China. 

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